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(photo by Alisa Greig)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Pink Sun Drops said...

Yum. My Dad used to eat those by the bagful when I was a kid. Now I'm craving one!

Athena said...

would you believe this was my first time eating one?! are they supposed to be tart?

isis said...

i saw a craigslist post of yours and instantly knew it was your work:)

Athena said...

hi isis! when are we getting together to shoot? :)

Pink Sun Drops said...

Athena, they can be tart when they are not quite ripe, but they should get sweeter as they ripen. Some of these look a teensy bit on the unripe side - maybe wait until they are a little softer? They should give a little when you squeeze them, but not so much they fall apart.

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