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(photo by Alisa Greig)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In search of a home or apartment in San Francisco to photograph.

I know this is a looonng shot for my little ol' blog, but I'm hoping one (or a few) of you out there can help me out on this project and potential "getting-my-foot-in-the-door" type opportunity. I'm asking if anyone out there knows a homeowner or renter in San Francisco who is willing to share their abode with the world and have it photographed by me. I'm looking for a real home that is inspiring with creative, personal touches, and furnished and accessorized with interesting pieces! Submissions will be considered for an online home decor publication.

Please email Athena (me!) at janda03 at gmail dot com with a photo or two of your pad, a brief description of it and why you think it should appear in a magazine. Mahalo/thank you very much!


algreig said...

i wish i could help in some way! this'll be great opportunity for you to shine!!! what can i do?

Ashley Smith said...

oooh! I hope you already have someone. You should post it on FB :-)

Pink Sun Drops said...

Athena - Try emailing Cecilia and tell her I sent you. She's a photographer in SF and if her home isn't suitable, I'm sure she knows someone who is.


Kristin Luna at Camels and Chocolate also lives in San Francisco and, if her home doesn't work, has a ton of contacts that I'm sure does. You can let her know I sent you as well!

They're both sweethearts that I've known for years now.

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