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(photo by Alisa Greig)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

new site

I've moved over to a new website-blog:


Similar to my old website URL but with my middle initial now; it's temporary as I wait patiently for my old domain to free up, then I'll change over again. It's still quite bare bones but I have a few galleries up, as well as a blog with a couple of posts. I'll continue to add photos as my internet connection allows. If you're interested in following me, the RSS feed for my blog is:


While I'll miss my Blogger blog like I miss Hawaii, I thought it was time for a change, and I love the simplified look and fairly easy navigation of the new site, as well as the fact that I have galleries again (I've always wanted to try horizontal scrolling). I'm dedicating a lot of this year to shooting for me, improving my craft, and if I can get a job or two, that's just the cherry on top. It's hard starting out in a new place and I've resigned myself to not stressing about it; with that said, I do think a cleaner presence on the web was necessary for me.

Would LOVE some feedback, so please let me know what you think, by commenting here or there :)


LeeYen said...

I Love it!!! Sorry, I'm kinda slow and couldn't figure out how to comment on the new blog? :)

iFloyd said...

Love the new site! Don't worry, you'll get more than a couple jobs this year, I'll put money on it! Your work has inspired me and I'm sure many others!

Athena said...

thanks, floyd! i hope you're right, and the 2nd half of '11 is better to me :)

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